An-Najah News - The UAE lightened Burj Khalifa in Dubai in the colors of the Indian flag, in support of their facing the remarkable spread of Coronavirus.

The UAE confirmed that it stands beside India in its confronting corona pandemic, and it supports its unremitting efforts in confronting its danger. Also, it is in solidarity with it in light of the recent health conditions which India is going through, as it recorded yesterday, Sunday 350 thousand new infections within only 24 hours.

The ministry affirmed that  there is a deep  historical and strategic friendship between the UAE and India which is based on solid foundations of mutual  respect, understanding ,cooperation and common interests. It also expressed its hope that India would be able to pass this difficult phase as soon as possible.

The Indian authorities decided to extend the isolation procedures in the capital, New Delhi for one week, at a time the European commission announced to activate the European Union’s civil protection mechanism. It also said that they will provide New Delhi with oxygen and medicines in response to India’s request to help in decreasing the spread of Coronavirus on its lands, while more than a billion doses   of anti- virus vaccines were given the world.