An-Najah News -
 The test of the Ingenuity helicopter delivered to Mars by the US Perseverance probe has been postponed to April 11.


It is reported that the designer of the Martian helicopter, Bob Bellaram, "had previously announced that the helicopter would make its first flight in the atmosphere of Mars on April 8th, but he did not rule out that this date would be postponed."


A NASA spokesperson said the helicopter flight was scheduled for April 11 at the earliest. As for my information about it, it will reach Earth on April 12th.


The designer noted that his helicopter is a fragile device. If it falls, it will not be able to take off again.


As for the head of the planetary division at NASA, Laurie Glaze, she said that the helicopter, which weighs less than 1.8 kilograms, should become the first plane that will fly in the atmosphere of another planet, adding that NASA experts will take photographs of the surface of Mars by means of cameras installed in the helicopter, which will enable them to collect information about some Sections of Mars' surface that are difficult to observe from its orbit.


She said, Glaze, that the helicopter must first ascend to a height of 3 meters, then to 5 meters, and explained that the helicopter flights take at least 31 ground days.


It is noteworthy that the American rover Perseverance landed automatically on February 19 on the surface of Mars in the area of ​​the "Isero" crater. NASA specialists hope to discover with the Rover traces of past life in the soil of Mars.