An-Najah News - The number of Covid-19 cases in intensive care units reached 5,273 in France, with the country entering its third general isolation, in an attempt to curb the increasing infections with the Coronavirus.


The rise in the number of ICU patients on Saturday showed a much larger jump in cases where it reached, to 145.


The government has tried to stop the increase in new cases of Covid-19 by imposing a curfew and local measures, but from Saturday and for the next four weeks, schools and non-essential activities will remain closed throughout France.


President Emmanuel Macron pledged to provide more hospital beds to care for patients with severe cases of Covid-19, and Macron hoped to bring France out of the pandemic without the need to impose a third general isolation that would harm the French economy, which is still suffering from a recession last year.


But new strains of the virus have spread throughout France and most of Europe, amid a slowdown in the distribution of anti-corona virus vaccines in the European Union, compared to some countries, including Britain and the United States.