An-Najah News - Yesterday, Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an extended partial closure in Germany to face the spread of the new Coronavirus until the early of this March. According to sources close to her party.


Merkel warned during a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of her "Christian-Democratic Union" to ease restrictions, which may lead to the risk of raising the number of infections again very quickly.


The decision to extend the partial lockdown is going to be made during a meeting with provincial leaders’ tomorrow, today.


The restrictions stipulate the avoidance of communication as much as possible and the generalization of remote work as much as possible, while schools, kindergartens, and stores that do not sell food, restaurants, bars, and cultural and sports venues remain closed. While strict restrictions are imposed on gatherings.


Epidemiologists had warned of a premature exit from lockdown due to the risks posed by mutated versions of the Corona virus.