An-Najah News - Veon's director of digital products, George Heald, has predicted that smartphones will be phased out within ten years.


According to him, the smartphone will become primitive, and it will be replaced by more advanced technologies in the next few years.


He noted that the mobile device is currently only required for user authentication and information transmission. He explained that a person can be recognized differently, for example, through the face, fingerprints and voice, and the information can be displayed on the wall or mirror using the “IoT” or “Internet of Things” sensor.


He added: "So, the telephone is primitive, in 10 years it will be gone, and we people will replace it. And the grandmother, who is lost in the middle of the city, will not need to call anywhere, she/he can ask the wall 'How can I go home?' And the wall will show her arrow way.


He concluded that smartphones, like the implanted chip, is an outdated technology, so in ten years it will disappear.