An-Najah News - Experts have warned about a new loophole in WhatsApp, whish is like wildfire between group chats on the Facebook.

This trick is characterized by launching a new version of "WhatsApp" in pink color, which disguises itself as an official update that you have to click on, to switch the color from green to pink, in addition to some other features, reported by "phonearena".

This new roguish update could ban you access your WhatsApp account again, where the unsuspecting users who clicked on the fake update link might get surprised that their account were stolen.

The site has confirmed that if you clicked on the link to update the "WhatsApp pink" , you should do the following:

  • Immediately uninstall "WhatsAppPink".
  • Unlink all "Whatsapp Web" devices.
  • Clear browser cache from settings.
  • Check permission for all apps.
  • If you find any suspicious permission for any app, cancel it.