An-Najah News - The American website ‘TechCrunch’ revealed that WhatsApp is trying to appease its users after some of them started replacing it with other competing applications, adding: "Nevertheless, it is still unclear what will happen if the user does not agree to the new changes in privacy policy."


The site continued: "The application will continue to ask for their approval of the new privacy updates, and if they continue not accepting the terms, sending and receiving messages in the application will stop while they are allowed to receive calls and get notifications."


The site pointed out that after weeks of that, accounts will be deleted automatically, noting that the new privacy policy stipulates that inactive accounts will be deleted after 120 days.


The site says: "It seems that the application of" WhatsApp "is proceeding with the application of the new privacy policy," indicating that if you do not agree and do not intend to agree, then you should search early for another application that performs the same task.