An-Najah News - The social media platform, "Instagram", has introduced new features, indicating that it has a direct relationship with the emerging corona virus pandemic that causes " COVID- 19".


According to "Times News Now”, “Instagram", has followed the Facebook and Twitter policy in introducing new features to address the spread of false information about "COVID- 19" on its platform.


The new features of Instagram will help people stay updated and get the information from official sources about the rise in "COVID- 19" cases in their countries, and the world.


Instagram explained that in places with high cases of " COVID- 19", the user will see an instant message at the top of the home page, connecting them with the official health authorities in their countries.


Instagram will also remove any false claims about " COVID- 19", especially those related to " COVID- 19" vaccines, and will direct users to the official information documented by the official health authorities in their countries.


It is noteworthy that Facebook and Twitter previously used similar policy to detect fake news related to " COVID- 19"and its vaccines.