An-Najah News - Adobe recently launched a premium application for phones and smart devices, similar to how Photoshop works with popular photo editing software on computers.


Photoshop Camera is currently available for Android-9 and later Android phones, and iOS (12 and 13) versions, and can be downloaded for free.


And what makes it distinguish is its reliance on intelligence and artificial learning systems to detect errors resulting from the distortion of images due to camera lenses in phones, or due to inappropriate lighting conditions.


These techniques help to identify the faces or different shapes in each shot. This application provides the user with more than 80 "electronic filters" for image processing.


 The app also includes a Face Light feature that helps remove unwanted shadows from faces in the shots, and helps to use various shapes to add as backgrounds for images such as sky, moon, or scenic landscapes.


Adobe notes that it will soon expand the list of backgrounds used by Photoshop Camera users, the list of filters and even image editing features in the application.