An-Najah News - Sada Social Center for the defense of the Palestinian digital rights said " it recorded a number of violations of the Palestinian digital content only hours after the Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, met with the administrations of "Facebook" and "TikTok".

The center added "one of the most prominent of these violations is the closure of "TikTok" platform for Al- Quds News Network on Saturday, expressing the concern about the meeting's outcomes of the Defense Minister with the administrations of a number of social media platforms.

It called on the administrations of the various social media platforms to show the same attitude towards the users of their sites with no discrimination or prejudice to one party over the other.

The center also appealed to the various civil society institutions to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in defending the Palestinian digital rights, in which the pages and accounts supporting Palestine are witnessing a significant restriction by social media platforms.

On Friday, Benny Gantz met with a number of officials at Facebook and TikTok on Zoom, and he reccommended that quick measures should be taken to combat the Palestinian content.