An-Najah News -  Today, Monday, a spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Kamal Al-Shakhra, confirmed that infections and death cases due to COVID-19, are increasing, and there is a clear commitment by citizens.


He explained in an interview with "Voice of Palestine” Radio, that during the past two days, cases of the younger age group, between 40 and 60 years old, have been admitted to hospitals while they are in difficult health conditions.


He pointed out that during the next two days, checks will be made for the new strains that have arrived in the occupied Palestinian interior.


He pointed out that samples will be taken by the infected people to be sent to WHO laboratories for detection if they are carrying any new strains.


He added, "We are always stressing on strict measures, and under these circumstances, especially as the pandemic has a new wave again, and there must be a commitment by the citizens, otherwise we will return again to the zero point, and we are going to a real disaster."