An-Najah News - The Minister of Health, Dr. Al-Kaileh, expressed danger of the Coronavirus outbreak among Palestinian prisoners, especially in light of the great overcrowding in prisons, and the presence of hundreds of sick and elderly prisoners.

The Minister of Health indicated in a press statement that all the occupation prisons are liable to be centers of the epidemic, which means that all of our prisoners are highly vulnerable to infection with the virus, which puts their lives at risk, especially the sick prisoners who are 700 prisoners, especially chronic patients, cancer patients and the elderly.

This comes in light of the high number of infections among prisoners with the "Corona" virus in Section 3 of the "Negev" desert prison.

The Minister of Health held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate and lives of the prisoners in the "Negev" prison, especially since the "Negev" prison, according to the prisoner's club data, holds more than 1,200 prisoners, including elderly and sick people.

And renewed d. Al-Kailah calls on the international community to put pressure on the occupation for the immediate release of sick and elderly prisoners in an urgent manner, and the necessity for a neutral medical committee to oversee the results of the prisoners' samples and their health conditions.