An-Najah News - Munir al-Ghoul, a spokesman for the Corona Virus Control Unit in Jerusalem, said that the number of infections in the city increased significantly, as the daily average rate was 50, but the large number of infections during the past days raised the number in Jerusalem to about 1,800 cases.


He added in an interview with "An-Najah": Dozens of infected cases with Corona in areas outside the apartheid wall, such as Al-Eizariya, Qalandiya camp, Shuafat, Abu Dis, and others, suffer from the problem of entering The Megan David Adom to these areas to transport the cases, and here lies the risk of spread the infection between citizens.


Al-Ghoul continued: "From here, the racist policy by the Israeli occupation is restricted in dealing with the Jerusalemite citizen by many ways, where a financial violation is registered for every Jerusalemite who takes off his protective facial mask for a moment, and in return there is no follow-up by the Israeli Ministry of Health, which increases the risk of spreading the virus.