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At An-Najah National University Hospital, the first hemodialysis operation was successfully performed for a girl suffering from kidney failure and weighing 5 kg.


The operation was carried out under the supervision of a team of pediatric nephrologists. The five-kilogram girl, who suffers from kidney failure, has started treatment at An-Najah Hospital since April of last year.


She and her family used to perform peritoneal dialysis "abdominal washing" and continued treatment in pediatric kidney clinics periodically. However, the health problems she had recently experienced led to her "fungal" peritonitis, which led to the medical team supervising her treatment to remove the catheter. Peritonitis from the patient's stomach as a treatment plan, noting that peritoneal fungal infection is one of the worst scenarios that may affect a peritoneal dialysis patient, and the doctor is keen to avoid it.


Accordingly, the medical team directed the implementation of the hemodialysis solution, which needs to provide a device for this treatment that was difficultly secured, and then a catheter was placed in the patient's neck and hemodialysis was performed on her on the same day, and the child would need to receive hemodialysis for three times a week with Continuing to receive intravenous therapy for fungal peritonitis.


In turn, Dr. Sami Al-Bahr, a pediatric nephrologist consultant at An-Najah National University Hospital, stated that hemodialysis for children is one of the most difficulties we face in our country, and the introduction of special devices for these sizes of children is a qualitative transfer in the service of Palestinian children.