An-Najah News - Within the MoreThanAJob project, funded by the ENI CBC Med 2014-2020 programme, ‎MoreThanAJob project’s partners in Palestine (Nablus chamber of Commerce, and An-‎Najah National University) are looking for two external experts for the evaluation of ‎the sub-grant proposal. The external experts will support in the evaluation of proposals ‎received by third actors within a sub-grant call that will be launched in the following ‎months. The sub-grant call will be aimed at financing SSE-PA cooperation projects ‎aiming at improving welfare and social services for vulnerable groups in order to ‎increase their opportunities of social and labour inclusion.‎

MoreThanAJob will be launching a competition to offer 10 funded grants for the ‎development of innovative social schemes (2 per partner country, i.e. Palestine, ‎Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, and Italy). The grant size will be 20,000 euros per proposal.‎

To achieve these goals, MoreThanAJob is seeking the support of evaluators in ‎Palestine who will take part in the evaluation committee of assessing applied proposals ‎of SSE institutions. The evaluator is expected to carry out the following tasks:‎

Responsibilities ‎

Analyzing and evaluating the proposals received through the open call, according ‎to the selection criteria included in the call for proposals and the evaluation grid ‎previously agreed. ‎
Interviewing the applicants of the four shortlisted proposals, in cooperation with ‎Nablus Chamber of Commerce, and An-Najah National University, in order to ‎further assess the proposal, its aim, impact and sustainability.‎
Giving recommendations to the organization on the two high-ranked proposals ‎following the interviews with shortlisted candidates. ‎
Providing support in the reporting of the selection process and results, as ‎MoreThanAJob partners will develop a detailed report on how the selection process ‎of the sub-grants has been carried out and the evaluation results. The external ‎evaluators will review and confirm the report.‎
Meeting and agreeing with the committee members on the main and specific ‎acceptance and evaluation criteria for the local projects.‎
Assessing, reviewing, examining the applied proposals and comparing them to the ‎set criteria with the help of all committee members.‎
Preparing an evaluation report in partnership with all local committee members.‎
The evaluation process will be carried in stages, the expert has to take on the evaluation of the ‎different stage.‎

At least 10 years of experience in the field of SSE, social and/or employment inclusion, and relevant fields for the project
Knowledge of the local socio-economic background in order to be able to assess the proposals that best respond to the needs and peculiarities of the territory.
Knowledge of the Arabic language to be able to read and evaluate the proposals received.
Knowledge of English.
Previous experience in evaluation of proposals as part of programmes funded by the European Commission will be considered an asset.
Knowledge of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the ENI CBC programme will be considered an asset.
To apply:‎

If you are interested in taking part in the project as an evaluator, please contact us by ‎email:

The deadline for sending applications is 25/02/2021.‎

For more information on the project and its activities, visit ‎the MoreThanAJob webpage on the ENI CBC Med website and follow us ‎on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.‎

The mission of MoreThanAJob(Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the ‎unemployed, uneducated and refugees) is to deliver and demonstrate a framework of ‎best practices, previously identified and studied for the inclusion of the unemployed in ‎the work and education system. The framework is based on the collaboration of social ‎and solidarity economy (SSE) actors and public authorities for delivering in a more ‎effective way their services. This will be done through pilot sub-projects aiming to ‎ensure a long-term impact and the creation of jobs.‎

The project is coordinated by the An-Najah National University (Palestine) and involves ‎other 6 partners: Nablus chamber of commerce and industry (Palestine); Ministry of ‎Public Works and Housing (Jordan); Mutah University (Jordan); Business Consultancy ‎and Training Services (Lebanon); EUROTRAINING (Greece); and CESIE (Italy).‎