An-Najah News - As the novel Coronavirus spreads globally, An-Najah National University announced the establishment of An-Najah National Institute for Global Health on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, which serves as a research platform that formulates balanced health policies and develops solutions to today’s most pressing health challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The institute aims at benefiting the Palestinian people through raising awareness of global health problems among them and initiating large-scale multi-disciplinary programs of research and education to address global health challenges and improve health equity and public health worldwide.

The institute also aims at collecting and arranging various Palestinian research conducted in the fields of health, public health, and international health. Furthermore, it seeks to promote scientific research in the field of global health to effectively address and ameliorate the world's most pressing health issues, and strengthen international cooperation and promote the participation of Palestine in international activities in the field of global health.

Dr. Kherieh Rassas, An-Najah’s Vice ‎President for International Development and External Affairs highlighted the key role of the Institute in broadening the understanding of global health. She said: "The institute is an unusual partnership that promotes collaboration throughout the University and uniquely positions An-Najah University and Palestine in the arena of global health. We coordinate and focus efforts against emerging worldwide health threats especially in the time of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, with the ultimate goal of fighting the global health threats posed by these health threats."

Dr. Abdulsalam Alkaiyat, Head of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health Departments at the University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences pointed out that global health focuses on health issues that transcend national borders. He added that the University will provide the Institute with professionals and specialists in various disciplines ranging from public health, preventive medicine, family medicine, nutrition, and social service to environmental and human right