An-Najah News - An-Najah National University organized, on Sunday evening, an electronic webinar on the Zoom application about preventive measures to protect against infection with the Covid virus 19 and the vaccines offered worldwide under the supervision of Dr. Khayriyah Rassas, Vice President for International Relations, and with the participation of Dr. Youssef Al-Hamshari, a specialist in internal diseases and the director of the military hospital for treating Corona patients in Nablus, Dr. Walid Al-Basha, a specialist in immunology and microbiology at An-Najah University, and Dr. Souad Belkbir, a specialist in preventive medicine at the College of Medicine at An-Najah University, and a group of doctors, students and a group  interested in health affairs. Dr. Khairiah who leaded the meeting spoke in he introduction about the Corona pandemic and the attention that An-Najah University attaches to the issue of the pandemic and the efforts being made at the scientific, academic and community levels to develop Palestinian performance in the time of the pandemic, and she welcomed the specialists participating in the symposium.

Dr. Youssef Al-Hamshari talked about the epidemiological situation in Palestine and the recent statistics about the number of injuries, deaths, and recoveries. He also touched on the seriousness of the next stage, which may pose a great pressure on the ability of hospitals to absorb patients and the measures that the government may take to limit the spread of the epidemic and review the development on the health of patients. And the conditions of the patient's admission to the hospital and the follow-up procedures with Corona patients, especially those who need oxygen devices.

Dr. Walid Basha reviewed the mechanism of vaccination against Covid 19, the effect of the virus on the body and its transmission to the cells of the body, the method of manufacturing proteins by the virus to affect the cells of the body and the extent of its spread to other people and provided an explanation of the body’s immunity and ways to develop it to deal with the virus. He also posed many questions and answers about vaccines and their effects. Side effects and the body's ability to recover from the virus and the subsequent effects of the virus on the body.

Dr. Souad Belkabir gave a wide explanation about the Corona virus strain and the new mutations that appear in the world, as well as a full explanation of the effectiveness of vaccines against the new strain of the virus and the world's ability to respond to the crisis of the new surge of Corona virus and the health measures that lead to closure and warned travel in many places in the world and stressed Belkabir emphasized that the epidemiological indicators in Palestine are worrying in terms of the percentage of infections in the samples that are examined in the West Bank and Gaza, which reaches 25%, which is a very high percentage according to the classification of the World Health Organization, indicating the large increase in the number of injured and in cases of death in Palestine during the past weeks with Noting that the indicators in Palestine remain less than in neighboring countries, with more cases and their percentage than Palestine, and the doctor wished that the idea of ​​social stigma for those infected with the virus and the process of publishing the names of those infected with the virus would be removed from the conviction of the people, which makes many people avoid testing for fear of publishing their names.

At the end of the electronic meeting, Dr. Khairiya Rassas appreciated the effort of doctors and specialists and the information they gave at the meeting, calling for commitment to public safety measures among citizens and calling for activating the media to spread the culture of health and prevention.