An-Najah News - On Monday, November 30, 2020, An-Najah National University and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics signed an MOU about research cooperation and expertise ‎exchange between both parties in the fields of statistics and sustainable development goals (SDG's).‎The representatives were Professor Maher Natsheh, President of ‎the University, and Dr. Ola Awad, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

The MOU aims at reinforcing the sustainable partnership with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in terms of maximizing the use of statistics and raw data in the fields of planning, scientific studies, and research and academia, and developing students’ skills in understanding statistical data and analyzing, interpreting and evaluating statistical information. It also aims at implementing joint training programs and projects on selected fields of official statistics.

Moreover, the MOU aims to improve awareness and utilization of statistics among university students and staff in general and awareness of the sustainable development goals in particular.

“The MoU is in line with An-Najah’s vision of being a leading university in Palestine through the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. The main goal of the MoU is to initiate joint projects involving collaborative research and share expertise and joint development.” Prof Natsheh said.