An-Najah News -  The E-Learning Center of An-Najah University organized a session ‎about the best practices of E-learning. The session targeted faculty ‎members from across the University enhance their knowledge and skills ‎about e-learning, including the synchronous and asynchronous learning ‎and teaching.‎

The capacity building session included seven topics about preparing ‎proper educational content that suits e-learning, and the use of ‎traditional texts and multi-media through a variety of technological tools ‎and soft wares.‎
The training sessions provided a platform of discussion among faculty ‎members to share their experiences and the best practices in e-learning, ‎in order to enhance the distance learning efficiency in the coming summer ‎course. ‎

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof Mohammed Al-‎Subu' commended the efforts of faculty members, who excelled in e-‎learning despite all the challenges that faced them, while transitioning ‎from the face-to-face learning to e-learning without prior readiness due to ‎the emergency status across Palestine. Al-Subu' indicated that there are ‎major differences between the two systems and there is a need to put ‎effort on harmonizing between the traditional and electronic approaches ‎to continue the educational process with efficiency and effectiveness.‎

The faculty members also received training about using technological ‎tools including Moodle and Zoom to develop proper online curricular ‎courses, in addition to discussing the method of preparing online ‎evaluations, exams and assignments.‎