An-Najah News - The dentist, Alexei Antibenko, indicated the effectiveness of one of traditional remedies for whitening teeth at home, by mixing lemon juice with baking soda, to consistency becomes a paste, then paste rubbed onto the surface of the teeth.


According to the doctor, the teeth will resemble shiny and snowy because it removes the top layer of tartar from tooth enamel.


Antipenko warned that saliva will seek to restore the destroyed enamel layer, so over time, teeth will be yellow again.


He explained that the store-bought whitening pastes are not able to give the desired effect. And such products can only maintain the condition of the teeth after professional dental care.


The doctor told "Zvezda": "The whitening pastes that are sold in stores are by no means whitening. This is marketing. The most that you can achieve through regular use of toothpastes is to maintain a long-term effect after professional brushing."