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A recent scientific study, based on global data, that receiving a Corona vaccine can also protect your family from infection with the Coronavirus.


From scientists in Scotland, the health data of nearly 300 thousand medical personnel who received the Corona vaccine in the United Kingdom.


The researchers found that family members of people who received the first dose of the Corona vaccine were 30% less  to get infected with the virus, while people who received two doses of the Corona vaccine had a 54% lower risk of transmitting Corona infection to their family members.


The scientist, "Diane Stockton", said: "The results of this study show the importance and effectiveness of vaccination campaigns against the Corona virus, which are very encouraging results that confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the transmission of infection to others."


She added: "Despite this good news, it is important to remember the need to adhere to the measures of separation and prevention, sterilization, and wearing masks in order to prevent the spread of the virus."


Dr. David McAllister, University of Glasgow, said: "The study that we conducted has important implications that help raise awareness of the need to receive the vaccine.


He added: "This study is the first clear and direct evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the transmission of Corona infection by health personnel to people who have had contact with them and their family members."


He continued: "This study also helps to predict the speed of transmission rates and the number of infections in the future."