An-Najah News - Learn about the benefits of a raw food diet for diabetics


The raw food diet is an effective way to treat many diseases, including diabetes, and this method has been known since the 1800's.


The idea of ​​this diet is based on eating foods and vegetables in their raw form, without cooking them, heating them, editing them genetically, manufacturing them, or using pesticides in the process of growing them.


The reason for this is that many believe that the process of manufacturing and heating destroys the nutrients and enzymes in plants.


Doctors and nutritionists advise diabetics to follow this regimen, because it spares them from the risk of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


They explained that the raw food diet helps control the level of sugar in the blood, especially in diabetics, whose bodies stop producing cells that interact and produce the hormone insulin.


And the researchers noted the need for gradual change, by adding more vegetables and fruits to the diet.


They stressed the need for diabetics to adhere to exercise and weight control, in order to manage blood sugar very effectively.