An-Najah News - A person needs, as he/ she gets older, to a set of vitamins, whose deficiency in later years causes a lot of damage.

At the beginning we need vitamin "B12", which its deficiency causes various physical changes such as yellowing and paleness of the face. It can also affect a person's psychological state and cause depression, in addition to a clear weakness in memory.


Vitamin C is also one of the vitamins that must be obtained with age, especially for people who avoid eating fruits and vegetables, and its deficiency causes fatigue and weakness with muscle and joint pain in addition to red and blue spots on the skin, and this can be treated by following a healthy, rich diet. With vitamin C.


The last of these vitamins is vitamin "D", which is caused by a lack of muscle weakness and general fatigue. It is often observed in people over the age of 65, and its deficiency can be treated by taking it in the form of pills or following an appropriate diet rich , in addition to exposure to an adequate amount of sunlight.