An-Najah News - Some people find it very difficult to speak while wearing a protective mask from coronavirus.

It is important to try speaking quietly, clearly without screaming, says voice coach Brigitta Gombrecht from Germany. She says it is particularly difficult to speak loudly when there is a muzzle because the tissue prevents the sound from spreading.


In order not to strain your vocal cords, you should try speaking from the abdomen using the diaphragm to give the voice more strength.


The expert says: "If you notice something in your throat that hurts because you want to speak loudly, this is a sign that you need to relax." This means speaking more calmly, "not necessarily with regard to the volume but with the frequency and without pressure from the larynx," according to Gombrecht.


Luna Mettig, voice coach who lives in Germany, has a similar shout for making your voice heard while wearing a muzzle.


"You should train yourself to speak more slowly, use short sentences, and use more intonation to convey the meaning you want," says Mittig. She adds that the hands must also be used to compensate for the facial expressions covered by the muzzle.