An-Najah News -  The sudden changes to our daily lives, because of the coronavirus pandemic came with restrictions on free movement, imposed lockdowns and social distancing which will differently will have influnce on people's mental health.
disease-containment measures, such as quarantine and social isolation, may be detrimental to mental health.

there was an increasing exposure to risk factors for developing depression, such as physical inactivity, lack of structure and routine, lack of social support, loneliness, and limited opportunity to do enjoyable and valued activities.

There is growing evidence that the effect of these changes on people's mental health across the age groups is significant, especially for those who are younger.
So although the initial focus on physical health, it is  crucial to pay attention to people's mental health
People who are depressed commonly withdraw from other people and activities. By doing fewer enjoyable and valued activities, it can compound a person's depression so try to counteract this by helping the person to re-engage with things that are important to them.