An-Najah News - The writer of the famous "Simpsons" cartoon in the United States, Mark Wilmore, died on Saturday at the age of 57, after being infected with coronavirus.


The death of the famous writer was announced, Sunday, by his brother, Larry Wilmer, a well-known comedian and presenter of the television program "The Knightley Show."


Mark Wilmore died as a result of his infection with the Coronavirus, but he had also suffered from other health disorders for years.


Larry Wilmer mourned his brother with touching words, so he tweeted, "My brother was the nicest, cutest and funniest I knew," then added, "I love you my little brother."


Mark and Larry are two of five relatives who grew up in San Bernardino County, California, during the 1960s.


The late wrote 12 episodes of the series, which ran between 2002 and 2015.


Mark Wilmore won the famous "Emmy" award for his work in "The Simpsons", but the late's career did not stop at the famous animated series, but he joined another writing project in 2017, "F is for Family".


The "Simpsons" series was able to achieve wide fame, thanks to the topics it dealt with, and it was said that some scenes expected many of the important events that we have witnessed during the last two decades.