An-Najah News - Pfizer CEO Albert Borla revealed that he has not got vaccinated yet. There is an ethical committee that determines who is going to be vaccinated. At a time when some countries, such as UK and the United States, started a vaccination campaign with the vaccine produced by his company.


"Because there are strict regulations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are very careful, and some people get the vaccine ahead of time," he added.


And he expected that the ethical committee would indicate that he got the vaccine, "because opinion polls have shown that people will trust the vaccine if the CEO receives it, so I will probably get it."


Burla stressed that there is a great speed in the production of the vaccine, "in fact, we will get approximately 50 million doses," noting that most of them were actually manufactured.


"Doses are available, and next year we will produce 1.3 billion doses," he added.