An-Najah News - Today, Tuesday Minister of Health Dr. Mai Al-Kaileh said that the current numbers of Coronavirus cases in Palestine do not reflect the real epidemiological situation.

In statements to Voice of Palestine radio, she said that it is not true when we say the number of cases is decreasing.

Al-Kaileh added that the strike in the health and nursing sector caused a lack of adequate tests, thus the number of infections became less than it should be, especially in the northern governorates.

She also stressed that the recent number of coronavirus cases do not reflect the real danger of epidemiological situation, especially in Gaza Strip, and "we are worried about the people there."

She pointed out that although the Russain vaccine is available in the Strip; people there refuse to get vaccinated compared to the West Bank, where the percentage in the West Bank is 7.1%, and in Gaza 2.2%.

As for the vaccine, she cleared out that AstraZenka has been contracted to obtain two million doses, and only 73,000 doses have arrived. Therefore, the procurement route was modified, as 4 million doses of Pfizer vaccine were purchased, and we signed the agreement for $ 27 million.