An-Najah News - A new study showed that Coronavirus variant discovered in Britain does not cause more severe disease compared to the original version of the virus.

On Monday, the scientific journal "The Lancet" published the results of a new study that included about 37,000 people infected with the Coronavirus, and it is about the strain B.1.1.7 of the virus, known in the media as the "UK variant".

After analyzing the data of those infected, scientists did not notice any differences between the symptoms of the disease in those with the original version of the virus and the mutant one.

However, the scientists have confirmed that the new strain spreads faster than the original version by 1.35 times, but it is possible to reduce the spread of the new strain, as it is affected by the vaccines available so far.

It is reported that this strain was discovered in UK last December, and preliminary research suggested that it may be more fatal than the original version.